Monday, September 3, 2012

Ride on over to Hells Canyon for Mule Days fun!

Remember those amazing mule-team “trains” that once rambled across the Great Plains and through the western mountain states? Well, no, of course you don’t, but here’s your chance to help celebrate the pioneers and cowboys, and their hard-working mules, that created our iconic American West. 

The 31st annual Hells Canyon Mule Days takes place next weekend, Sept 7, 8, 9, in northeastern Oregon, in Enterprise, and it’s totally worth hitching up your RV-wagon and gittin’ yerself over yonder.

Weekend highlights include mule-driving events, comic log pulls, barrel racing, pole-bending, and mule team branding. Don’t miss the non-motorized Grand Parade on Saturday, starting at 11—it’s a hilarious delight, complete with all manner of mule- and miniature-horse-drawn contraptions. Right afterwards, at 1 p.m., The Grand Entry and Mule Show fun and entertainment begins.

Be sure to attend an authentic cowboy poetry reading, and check out the handmade crafts in the exhibit halls, including the gorgeous traditional quilts. We betcha won’t be able to resist some of those mulish “souven-ears!” In-between all the fun, treat yer belly to smoky barbecue and beans and Dutch oven casserole fare—good grub just like on the range! 

Here’s the local campground information... 

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