Saturday, September 1, 2012

Driving the Selkirk Loop—the other Northwest mountains

When you think of Northwest mountains, the Selkirk Range seldom rolls off the tongue first. But for those in search of a unique Northwest road trip, the Selkirk Loop—which winds through northern Idaho, Washington and British Columbia—deserves a special tack on the map. 

The 280-mile road follows rivers and lakeshores once used for regional transportation. It traverses narrow canyons, fertile valleys, and broad meadows back-dropped by snow-capped mountains. This is a take-your-time adventure worthy of a few leisurely days, with recreational opportunities for every age and interest. Swim, canoe or kayak, go rafting, or drop a line along the miles of pristine shorelines. Go horseback riding, hike through virgin forest and past dazzling waterfalls, and go geo-caching in the national forests or provincial parks along the way. With autumn coming up, red and yellow foliage creates a patchwork of color among the stands of pine, and countless numbers of Canada geese stop for breaks here during their southbound journey. 

Farm stands are overflowing this time of year, too; stock up with fresh fruits and veggies and chat with the local growers, and the shopkeepers in the charming towns of Bonners Ferry, Creston, or Nelson, to name just a few. And as a special side trip (we’ve done this and highly recommend it), don’t miss the chance to ride the Kootenay Lake Ferry—the longest free ferry ride in the world. It’s nothing short of spectacular! For an uncrowded, close encounter with the inland Northwest, treat yourself to the Selkirk Loop—a unique and unforgettable RV adventure.  

Here’s the link to The Loop driving map.

Click for a list of Campgrounds and RV Parks along the Selkirk Loop.

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