Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet dinosaurs at Oregon’s Prehistoric Gardens

Just off Highway 101, halfway between Port Orchard and Gold    Beach, dinosaurs lurk in the rainforest—well, okay dinosaur replicas. They’re actually scientifically accurate, though; their measurements are based on fossil skeletons, which means they’re life-sized! This classic roadside attraction is a great place to bring the kids (of all ages) if you’re out camping this fall... The dripping mosses, lush foliage, and that rich earthy smell of the season give this unique park a Jurassic feel. 

Oregon sculptor, Ernest Nelson created each of these creatures, combing his love of art and his passion for the prehistoric world. He began the project in 1953 and spent the next 40 years constructing the 23 specimens of the menagerie, which includes a nest of hatching triceratops, a colorful dimetrodon, flying pteranodon, and a very toothy elasmosaurus. 

The park is open year-round (sometimes the owners close up shop in late winter for a couple of weeks), daily from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. 

RVers can camp nearby at the beautiful Humbug Mountain State Park, which offers some of the “warmest” camping in the state, due to the protective mountains. It’s also open year-round; 32 electrical and hookup sites available. Click here for information or call (800) 551-6949 

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