Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keep camping: It’s “Discovery Season” in Oregon

From now until April 30, 2013, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department invites your inner adventurer to keep on camping with special Discovery Season rates at all State Parks that remain open year-round. Depending on which park you choose to visit, RVers can enjoy full hookups sites for prices as low as $16 a night (the maximum Discovery Season campsite price is $23).

There are obvious advantages to camping in these early fall days ... The weather for one; it can be very mild throughout the state for much of October and into November. In the mountain foothills, autumn colors accent the evergreen. And, where reservations are almost always necessary in the peak summer season, now you can drive around and pick a spot that calls your name. If you’re a weekend camping warrior, you can pack up at a whim and head for your favorite park, pretty confident that there will be open campsites. In winter, camping near the ocean offers the dramatic spectacle of big surf, while mossy forests provide verdant shelter and fragrant campsites.

Click here for a complete list of State Parks and Discovery Season rates.

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