Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Legends of the Sasquatch at Harrison Lake

If you’re heading east from Vancouver in your RV, or up to Banff from Seattle, build in a stop at beautiful Lake Harrison. It’s the perfect place to “take the waters” of the famous Harrison Hot Springs, do some outstanding wilderness hiking, or ... look for Sasquatch.

This is prime siting territory, where hundreds—if not thousands—of locals and visitors have claimed to have glimpsed the bi-pedal, 14-foot-tall, reddish-haired creature near the caves in Mystery Valley, located on the west side of the lake. The name Sasquatch is thought to have originated with the First Nations word “Sasq’ets,” which literally means hairy man, a giant forest creature who has direct links to the spirit world. Today, investigators still track the elusive being, including the tireless believer, John Green, who has maintained the world’s largest database of Sasquatch research and documented sitings since 1967. For a list of area campgrounds and RV parks:

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